201 Fun Chocolate Facts and Chocolate Trivia Quiz

201 Fun Chocolate Facts and Chocolate Trivia Quiz

This book, presented by the faculty at Chocolate University Online, is loaded with, you guessed it, 201 fun chocolate facts. Enjoy it yourself. Quiz your friends. Get interesting information for a school project.

Perhaps you’ve wondered…

  • what chocolate contains that prevents it from raising cholesterol levels
  • what the white film is that sometimes forms on the surface of chocolate
  • why the Catholic Church had a lengthy debate about chocolate
  • how a penniless Irish immigrant changed the chocolate scene in the U.S.
  • what is the chemical in chocolate that may have aphrodisiac qualities
  • how French pharmacies used chocolate
  • how closely Cacao and Coca are related
  • what chocolate mousse and mayonnaise have in common

Or, maybe you haven’t thought about any of these things. Regardless, 201 Fun Chocolate Facts contains all the information about chocolate you’ve ever wanted to know, and then some!

But 201 Fun Chocolate Facts would not be complete without a chocolate trivia quiz. So we’ve taken many of the facts and rearranged them into great questions you can use to stump your friends and other chocolate lovers you know.

Get your copy of these 201 fun chocolate facts now.